Morningview Technologies provides the expertise and guidance to help you achieve a design optimized for user requirements, performance and scale.

Our advisory practice focuses upon architecture and strategy for:
  • Application development
  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Big data
  • Data governance
  • Data warehousing and MDM

Morningview looks beyond the technology; we incorporate in our process a strategy for realizing the intended business benefit. Such strategy is often the key missing ingredient that is required to make an enterprise program or a project successful. Such strategy as it relates to a solution is a refined version of technology strategy that we have, over the course of years, successfully refined and applied with multiple clients.

We offer our Advisory expertise in the following areas:

Technology Strategy - Defining the path your business needs

A well-defined technology strategy provides complete alignment of IT investments and business objectives. Morningview Technologies' skilled industry experts are experienced at defining comprehensive and pragmatic technology strategies.

Our architects can define and validate logical, physical, data and/or infrastructure architectures to ensure that your technology platforms are aligned to your current and future business needs. Click this link to read a brief article on "What is Technology Strategy?"

Big Data - Solutions and strategies for capturing large scale data and performing analytics

Dealing with large sets of data is now becoming a common place. However not many organizations have the know-how to efficiently manage, process, design and develop systems when dealing with such large data. There are many solutions in marketplace that have the tag of "Designed for Big Data" but not all systems, tools and frameworks are a good choice for every business need. We specialize in defining systems that are mission critical and need to handle large data sets.

If you are in the process of defining a solution, or looking for ways to improve an existing approach that uses large data sets, clink this link to request our recent CampIT presentation on Big Data that describes strategies to address the relationship between big data solutions and performance.

Audit - Auditing and improving your solutions

Our experienced staff has a wide range of experience and we put it to use for our clients by conducting audit, analysis and define plans for improvement in the following areas:

  • Logical and physical architecture review
  • Design review for custom applications
  • Performance improvement analysis
  • Network security analysis
  • Application controls
  • Software license compliance
  • Security compliance

Data Governance - Enabling positive control over processes and methods used to handle data

Our data governance discipline considers the dimensional aspect of convergence across:

  • Data quality
  • Data management
  • Business process management
  • Risk management
Our goal is to enable positive control over the methods used by your data stewards and data custodians to handle data and enable timely and reliable availability of your data for your mission critical applications.